Jersey Specs

The uniform you wear speaks to your identity. Our uniforms are made from a moisture wicking polyester fabric that is breathable and flexible to keep you moving. With its professional cut and durability, it will hold up to the rigors between the boards so you won't have to order new ones each season. Take a moment to review our options and let us know how we can make you the best looking team on the ice.

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Sublimation is the main tool we use to fully customize our uniforms. It's a process of bonding the ink to the fabric instead of printing it on top of the jersey. It allows us to produce any design you can create. It allows us to produce a limitless design including any amount of logos, names or numbers that won't fade or peel. All for one affordable price


Tackle Twill


Some of you out there not only want to look pro, but feel it as well. Our Tackle Twill jerseys will give you stitched on logos, numbers, and names. This option might lengthen the production process but will give your team an amazing look on the ice. Tackle Twill / Sublimation combinations are also possible.


Custom Artwork

Don't have a logo? No problem! We have an excellent team of designers who can work with you to get that one of a kind logo for your one of a kind uniform.

Any logo you would like to submit for jerseys must be in vector format. For more information on how to setup your artwork correctly, please contact us today.


Our in-house design team can work with your already created logo, or create one from scratch based on your needs. Contact us today to discuss your custom logo options!


Size Chart

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