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Hockey Moms Are Awesome!

Stories like this warms our hearts. We're so happy we were able to put a smile on a few faces - amazing what a simple jersey can do.

Hockey Mom Amanda wrote to us recently regarding the jerseys we did for her sons. "Awesome!!!! Thank you for your great service!  And this is why people should support local businesses... Omg!! The box came just now!!!! Yahoo!! The boys can wear their new jerseys/sweatshirt to practice tonight!!!!! I can’t wait to surprise them off of the bus!! 

Thank you again for your great service!! 💕"

You see, Amanda's son (not in skates in the pic) used to be able to play contact sports up until last January when he had life changing brain surgery. He’s no longer allowed to play contact sports due to it being unsafe.  Here he is as "Assistant Coach Keddy" in the pic. He was so happy that mom included him when giving his brother the Santa jersey. "Thank you for your company and great products. Our 8 year old has been through a lot and seeing how excited he was about the sweatshirt totally made my mama heart so happy!!🥰"

Thank you Amanda for sharing - Makes our hearts happy as well. Happy Holidays!

Beauty Unis

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