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Ice Cross Comes to Maine

“Work hard and follow your dreams!”, is what we preach to our kids. Suzanne Driscoll is living proof of this. When Beauty Unis had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne and hearing her story, we knew she would be the perfect brand ambassador for our business. She started

out playing hockey and then discovered Ice Cross. Suzanne is now ranked 24 th in the world for female ice cross athletes! She’s also one of the only competitors on the East Coast and she wants company as she stated in our 2021 interview!

Maine is about to host it’s first ever ice cross competition. Check out this exciting sport and cheer Suzanne on. The event takes place at the Lost Valley Ski Resort in Auburn on February 10-12 th – maybe you’ll be inspired as she was and get involved.

If you want to read more about this exciting event and Suzanne, be sure to check out the great article the Sun Journal recently posted.

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