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Can a Sports Team's Uniform Increase Performance?

The answer to that question is, “Yes… But Indirectly”.

The “X” factor connecting the dots here, is Confidence. To put it into perspective, let’s say you have an upcoming interview for your dream job. Unfortunately, you woke up late, didn’t have time to iron your new shirt, accidentally put on two different colored socks, put on a tie that didn’t match, hair was a mess… How confident are you going to feel during your interview? Do you think that lack of confidence will affect the performance of your interview?

Appearance can really make a difference. How your uniform looks won’t literally win the game for you, but feeling good about your appearance and the confidence that comes with it, has a great psychological effect.

Consider this; have you ever noticed the players on your team watching a rival team getting off a bus in sharp, cool, new uniforms or matching team warm-ups? If your team’s gear is old, dingy, and lost in the 80’s, this could create a feeling of inferiority and even be intimidating. As a coach, that’s not where I want my team’s psyche to be just before the game.

Self-confidence is one of the most cited factors thought to affect athletic performance. It plays a critical role in athletes' success; in contrast, lack of self-confidence seems to be closely associated with athletic failure. Thus, confidence is an important factor that distinguishes successful athletes from unsuccessful ones in terms of both their mental states as well as their performances. If this concept is at all interesting to you, Google a book titled, “Self-Efficacy in Sport” by Dr. Deborah Feltz – A sports psychology professor at Michigan State University who has over 30 years of research dedicated to this concept. It’s a good read.

Self-esteem and confidence is a major factor on an athlete and team’s performance. With sharp-looking, custom team apparel, your players won’t just look like winners, they’ll feel like winners.

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